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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I dream of Stella & Dot.....

So I went to the Sway Chic spring fashion show last night in the torrential downpour that hit Santa Cruz. Unfortunately due to poor planning on my part my friend Zach and I missed it except for the last four outfits. Wah wah wah... But I did get to reintroduce myself to Cheyenne, one of the fabulous managers of the store here on Pacific Ave. in Santa Cruz. My friend Katie is working her way up in their business and I have wanted to get involved there with a job forever now! Maybe one day...... But the whole experience did bring me across the perfect internship for my Business and Art interests. When I was looking on the Sway Facebook page I say an advertisement in their sponsors for a Stella & Dot internship. I had never heard of Stella & Dot before, but it said that it was for entrepreneurship and business experience so I had to check it out. And when I did, I found that it was even more awesome than I had imagined! They sell some beautiful jewelry through their website and trunk shows. The trunk shows is where I would be involved for the internship. So I would be paid and learning invaluable experience learning the in's and out's of building a business. The jewelry pieces below are just a few of my favorites. The Marrakesh Bib Necklace is by far my very favorite though.

Check them out and wish me luck on getting the internship!


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