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Friday, March 11, 2011

Latest Insights!

So I have been going through the motions of life as of recently and I found myself in a bit of an emotional low with a little too much stress regarding school, work, money, friends, boyfriend, etc. . I tend to be a bit too sensitive at times and it was really beginning to get the better of me, so I decided to start a blog to display all of the artsy crafty things that I want to do and that I find superbly awesome and relieves my mind. And as I was surfing the web looking for things to inspire me, I had a sort of life epiphany when I saw a digitally decorated phrase....

"Que Sera, Sera. What will be, will be."

I can continue to work hard and I can continue to push myself, but I have to ease my mind by doing things I love and let my life fall into place! This realization brought me peace of mind in a way I can't even describe. 

So today I took my new found inspiration and insight to this place called the Bargain Barn here in Santa Cruz and went wild! This place is an outlet for Goodwill and is a frenzy of thrifty shoppers lined up outside for their 10 a.m. opening time. With bags in hand these shoppers (me, my friend Zach, and about 30 other people) strode into the warehouse full of bin after bin piled high with clothing, shoes, books, and other knick knacks. This was utterly delightful to say the least as I began to fill my bags with 90's dresses, a super cool pea-coat, an awesome leather jacket, some slouch boots that fit perfectly and a ton of my favorite grandpa sweaters! And after two hours of searching I came up to the register with four huge bags full of things and all for $30 dollars. I mean that was a steal if I have ever seen one! As soon as I can there will be pictures displaying my finds. Until then imagine a warehouse of everything you ever wanted to create a better you. It's wishful thinking, but it felt like the birth of a whole new Renee. 

Have a Crazy, Fun, Wonderful Weekend!

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